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W2 Services Inc.

Vendor Spotlight – W2 Services Inc.

Shout out to our partners at W2 Services Inc. who handle all our demolition work these days.  Sure, it looks pretty cool to bulldoze through a house, but watching these guys in action, you can see what a skilled job it is. Safety is a key component to every job, making sure their team is communicating with one another the entire time.  They can demo a home in a matter of hours, but the site clean up afterwards may take the longest time to complete.  Thank you W2 Services for always providing us with a clean slate to work with!

Modern Ranch in Longwood, Florida - LunDev Custom Homes

Titan Pools

It’s pool season.

Pools are quintessential in Florida and we do a custom pool with just about every home we build. No matter the size or shape we know our clients and customers here locally would all want one.

We turn to Titan Pools to help us on our pool designs and also the implantation.

They have been an amazing partner with us and this is the season when their work truly shines!


Kitchen Art

Our March Spotlight goes to the folks at Kitchen Art.

We’ve been using Kitchen Art for awhile now, even after they were acquired by another favorite Ferguson. Their cabinet offerings are awesome and the ability to adapt and customize makes them a wonderful partner.

Some of our biggest projects to date have been by them – from more modern looks to a classic shaker in a variety of colors.

We all know the heart of the home is the kitchen and Kitchen Art makes it happen.

Follow them on Facebook!

Jessie’s Cabinets

Sometimes a project just calls for custom cabinetry.

Maybe it’s an office built in, maybe it’s a custom vanity or the most beautiful island you’ve ever seen. Our friends at Jessie’s Cabinets help make us look good. They can and will build just about anything and they make our client’s cabinet dreams come true.

We love their family small business work ethic and talent.

Big thanks to Jessie for always being there for our quirky or custom needs. Sometimes, we gotta be a little high maintenance.

Give them a follow on Instagram: @jessies.cabinets

McCulloch Finish Carpentry

The McCulloch Finish Carpentry team is one team we can’t build a house without. Yeah, we need framers and roofers etc. but these guys make the house shine with millwork character and personal accents that help set our LunDev homes apart from the rest. We brainstorm ideas and they execute them flawlessly. From stair installs, wall or ceiling details, custom doors – they can do it all.

Small businesses like these are ones we want to continue to support in the coming year.

To learn more about them – check them out on Instagram!

French Eclectic Design - Winter Park Florida

Mansion Windows & Doors

Say hello to Mansion Windows & Doors!

As of late they have been a tremendous vendor for us on finding our client’s needs/wants/taste in specific window and door styles. Conveniently located on Fairbanks Ave their showroom has a lot to offer and their service is top notch.

We’re stoked to be working with them on a lot fun and more modern projects that have been taking our custom home designs to the next level.

Give them a look: https://www.mansionwd.com/



Artistic Pavers

We had to give it to these guys. A big help and all over the Parade of Homes with us. If you happen to come by our properties next month, keep an eye out for their work.

We’re stoked to work with great vendors that take just as much pride as we do.

Congrats to Artistic Pavers for being our April vendor of the month!


Central Florida Fireplace and Gas

It’s that time to turn on the gas fireplace and get some chili on the stove.

Luckily, we work with some of the best when it comes keeping these things lit for the holidays. Congratulations to our December vendor of the month, Central Florida Fireplace and Gas.

They have been a solid vendor for years and we appreciate their attention to detail and their awesome customer service.

Now who’s bringing the smores?



Ayers Davis Interiors

With our Wilbar project getting some attention we thought it was a good month to thanks the ladies at Ayers Davis Interiors for helping us on select custom home projects. With Wilbar being a total hit – with rustic/antique light fixtures, cool wall paper selections and a cool stair rail we’re excited to be working with them again on a new custom home project.

So if it’s not obvious, thanks Ayers Davis Interiors for making our job look cool. Also check them out on Instagram for a lot of the behind the scenes look into their projects.

Looking forward to completing our next project and for a plethora more down the road.

Home Test Pest Defense

Hard to believe it’s already November and all your family and friends are going to gather (hopefully in your LunDev home) soon enough for the holidays!

We get there might be some that come un-invited, but that’s why Home Team Pest Defense is our November vendor of the month. They will, at least, keep away the unwanted guests as the temps start to dip.

They are a no brainer, especially living and building in Florida. We take our pest control seriously, and honestly they do, too.

Thanks Home Team for always bringing the bait!