Kerri Silva - Administrative Assistant - LunDev Custom Homes

Everyone meet Kerri! She’s here to ensure we’re all doing what we’re supposed to all the while doing a little bit of everything.

We sent her our favorite new hire questions and here is what she came back with:


Tips on building a new house:

Make sure you have a clear budget and be diligent in sticking to it. Then spend some time identifying the style you’d like your new home to reflect. I love using Pinterest to get inspiration from others.


Favorite Winter Park spots:

Prato, Hillstone, walking along Park Ave, and Leu Gardens, although technically not Winter Park, but it holds a special place in my heart since it’s where me and my husband got married in 2012.


Best part of working at LunDev:

The team is very friendly and easy going but I can tell they all work extremely hard to exceed their customer’s expectations. I felt very welcome walking into this beautiful space. And it doesn’t hurt that its only a short drive from my daughter’s preschool. I’m used to driving up to an hour in traffic, so I’m definitely loving my new commute!


Why LunDev?

At first glance of the projects on the website, I knew immediately that this team was completing top-notch, luxury homes.  While I’m not an expert at home building, it definitely sparks my interest and I look forward to learning all the ins and outs of building a custom home. And on top of that, the vibe I got from the team was so positive and easy going that I jumped at the opportunity to join them!


You heard it here. We’ll tip her later.

Welcome to the team, Kerri! We’re stoked to have you.