Mike Krekel - Construction Manager

Meet the Team – Mike Krekel

Say hello to Mike!


He’s here to keep us above water while we tackle an exciting and expansive project in Longwood. He comes with a slew of experience that we’re lucky to be around. A total family guy, our DD and overall great dude. We asked him our favorite questions and here’s what he came up with:

What your tips on building a new house?
Allow yourself to HAVE FUN!!! Building a new home should be exciting and enjoyable. 
Your personality and attitude can determine your building experience. Relax and let our Team sweat the small stuff. 
Trust the team that you’ve selected to build your home. 
Good communication with your personal construction manager is key to a great experience.
Favorite Winter Park spots:
Besides the boutique restaurants, I think my favorite spots in Winter Park are the numerous, well preserved historical sites. It’s unlike any other small city in Central Florida.
Best part of working at LunDev:
Our Team!
Why LunDev?
We build every home, as if we were going to live there. 
Every team member at LunDev touches your home, in some way.
Our team truly cares about making you a raving fan, because we want you sharing your experience with family, friends and neighbors.
We know that we’ve succeeded when we hear you say “I Love My Home!”
We’re stoked to have him! Next time you see or hear from him – give him a nice welcome.