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Artistic Pavers

We had to give it to these guys. A big help and all over the Parade of Homes with us. If you happen to come by our properties next month, keep an eye out for their work. We’re stoked to work with great vendors that take just as much pride as we do. Congrats to […]

Central Florida Fireplace and Gas

It’s that time to turn on the gas fireplace and get some chili on the stove. Luckily, we work with some of the best when it comes keeping these things lit for the holidays. Congratulations to our December vendor of the month, Central Florida Fireplace and Gas. They have been a solid vendor for years […]

Ayers Davis Interiors

With our Wilbar project getting some attention we thought it was a good month to thanks the ladies at Ayers Davis Interiors for helping us on select custom home projects. With Wilbar being a total hit – with rustic/antique light fixtures, cool wall paper selections and a cool stair rail we’re excited to be working […]

Home Test Pest Defense

Hard to believe it’s already November and all your family and friends are going to gather (hopefully in your LunDev home) soon enough for the holidays! We get there might be some that come un-invited, but that’s why Home Team Pest Defense is our November vendor of the month. They will, at least, keep away […]

Green Apple Architecture

Half of what we do is based on quality and attention to detail – the other half though, really lends to what we build – which is why it’s important to work with architects that work well for us. We’ve talked about Winter Park Design before, but this month’s spotlight goes to a different group […]

Metro Garage Door

Hard to believe it’s August already! We’d like to give a nod to our friends at Metro Garage Door for being a solid partner and giving our homes the finishing touch! Most of our garages make up the front elevation and they do a terrific job at making sure (1) they work like a charm (2) […]

Rampart Security Systems

Summer is here! Time for vacations, movie nights and the occasional Florida storm. This month’s vendor spotlight goes to our folks at Rampart Security Systems because their services keep everything running. From security services to home automation and audio distribution they make sure every home we build is wired right and running smooth. Thanks guys […]

Home Staging Pros

And just like that it’s June! This month we’d like give a nod to the folks that help us stage our homes that we’re about to put on the market. Right now, most of our homes are pre-sold or custom, but we do manage to still build a few spec houses that we sell at […]

South Meadow Productions

This month’s vendor spotlight goes out to the guy who has (more recently) been our go-to for any type of photography or video service. We’ve noticed a big difference in engagement when we post our new photos and videos and we’re pretty stoked about it. Home tours are becoming a more critical way to view […]